October Intentions & goals

I noticed a few people setting monthly “intentions” or personal goals. I like the idea because it helps me focus on a few things a month instead of feeling scattered and trying to always improve everything.

A few key goals I have for my self this month are:

  1. Get up before Roger. He gets up at around 7am, so hopefully get up at 6am so I can make celery juice, spend time in the Bible and praying and then organizing my work and day. Usually I’m trying to get as much sleep as I can, but he’s sleeping through the night now (PTL) so it’s my fault now if I’m not getting enough sleep.

  2. Don’t get on my phone first thing when I wake up or last thing when I go to bed. In the morning, my goal is to complete all of that from #1 before I get on social media. At night, I always end up staying on it way too long and then loosing sleep over it.

  3. Drink celery juice first thing in the morning 5-6 days/week and see how I feel. I read a blog about celery juice and got all INSPIRED. I drank it three days last week and I LIKED IT! 

  4. Bring my own reusable bags to the grocery store! I for sure have PLENTY of these and sometimes even have them in my car but I somehow forget to bring them in the store with me. I do think we need to be responsible/be a good steward of the earth and this is one small way - to use less plastic - to cause less pollution. Little things at a time. 

  5. Read The Road Back to You. Would anyone be interested in doing a book club? Are you into the Enneagram? What’s your number? I think I’m a 6. But I want to read through it before I am totally sure.

Honestly 5 is probably too many to keep up with. But I could think of 5 more, so this is limiting it!