New York City Anniversary Trip RECAP

It's our one-year anniversary and sweet Husband Chris half surprised me months in advance by starting to plan a trip to NYC to celebrate! He told me about it early so that I could get in on the excitement and we could finish planning it together. We knew we wanted to visit Cooper Hewitt Museum and rent row boats in Central Park. A few restaurant reservations and coffees tops were also on our list but the rest was up for last minute decisions.

DAY 1:

We landed Friday morning at 11am, made a quick stop at our air b&b on the Upper West side to drop our bags off and refresh, then out the door!

Let the adventures begin!!  

First stop, FOOD. Whenever I say I'm up for burgers, Husband Chris jumps on the opportunity. Shake Shack was around the corner so off we went! We'd heard great reviews and the line was crazy busy so we thought it would satisfy all of our burger dreams. Spoiler alert, it was your average burger and fries.  

Now to the real adventures! Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, one of the main pit stops we had planned. 

The building was so beautiful & the Immersion Room was super cool and other rooms not pictured. 

That evening we chose to eat at The Smith, the one reservation we picked out on our own. The atmosphere was awesome but the food was like whatever and the noise level was crazy and I'm old for caring about the noise level.

After The Smith we went to CVS and bought tums, socks for Chris' blistered feet and ice cream because again, old. Happy Anniversary!

DAY 2 : We start off of course with coffee at Box Kite Coffee. Yum. 

Then our second big activity: ROW BOATS in Central Park. It was romantic and 99 degrees hot outside. 

On a whim we decided to rent Citi bikes and travel south. Good thing we've been working out the last few months - we have been preparing for this!! 

We rode all the way down 5th Ave. The goal was to make it to Il Buca Alimente, a recommendation from my friend, Molly, and then to some SoHo shopping. 

We popped into this clothing store, "Don't Ask Why." It was cool until we realized they were actually a brand made by American Eagle. Sneaky AE!! No wonder they don't want you to ask why. WE OUT!

Sweaty and so hungry at 3pm,  we arrived at Il Buca Alimente. This was one of the highlights of our trip - so lovely and so cozy - it felt like you were in a little cove of another world. 

After some shopping and a bathroom break in the most amazing art store (where I bought llama stickers and "face pencils"), we ended up at The Standard Hotel, another happy accident, catching up with Chris' old friend, Nick. That place is full of mid-mod style everywhere and white rocks that matched my shoes,  so I wasn't mad. 

For dinner that evening, we ate at BOBO, a recommendation from my sister-in-law, Amy, who used to live in the city. The waiter brought us champagne when he found out it was our anniversary and then he kissed my hand and gave Chris a handshake - what a sweet, French gentleman!  I got a little OCD on that second photo and was wanting all of the liquid levels in the glasses to match.

DAY 3: 

Sunday we had a lovely brunch at the place next to Sara Beth's called Barley & Grain. I'm sure all of their business comes from the line at Sara Beth's being too long. But honestly, it was delicious and I don't feel like I missed out on anything. We preceded to ride more bikes, drop in to shops that are $$$$$ out of our price range, wander around Chelsea market and enjoy a bier and people watch at the beirgarten. One last sandwich from Num Pang (we will never forget you) in Chelsea Market and we hopped into our last cab for a sad trip to the airport.


Thanks for the adventures, Chris. Until next time, NYC. ❤️

What is a local spot you've been to in NYC that you've enjoyed? Or any other city for that matter!  


All photos were edited with VSCO.