Our 8 Favorites in Palm Springs

Hi! I’m sharing my 8 favorite things we did in Palm Springs! When we finally decided to go to Palm Springs on our vacay for my 30th birthday, I started doing some research on what we might want to do there. I searched through a bunch of “What to do in Palm Springs”, “Best Restaurants in Palm Springs” and “Best activities in Palm Springs” blogs to gather a list of what we might like to do most. I even looked through “Best places to shop in Palm Springs”, “Best hiking spots in Palm Springs” “Most instagrammable spots in Palm Springs” just in case.  

I came up with quite a long list but had to narrow it done since we would only be there  three in half days.  Turns out I ended up getting sick the first two days, so we didn’t get to do all that I had wanted, but we packed a good amount in those last two days. I’m here to tell you what our top 8 favorites restaurants and actives were. There are so many things I still wished we could have done, but we would have needed lots of extra time for that.

  1. Mid-century door tour on bikes in downtown Palm Springs! One of the main reasons I was so drawn to Palm Springs was their unique and colorful mid-century architecture. So visiting these homes was at the top of my list and what is more fun than biking through the neighborhood like a local! Of course I had to see the celebrity, “thatpinkdoor haha. The streets you can find these doors on our Alhambra, Yosemite, East Sierra Way and Murray Canyons Drive. We borrowed the bikes from our AirB&B hosts - so nice. 

  2. The Living Desert Zoo. It’s hilarious that I choose to go to a zoo on vacation, because I don’t like zoos. Usually the animals look so sad being locked up and I just want them to be able to run free. But this zoo offered CAMEL RIDES and that sounded VERY cool! Much to our surprise, it was kids attraction, a guided walk around a bush. Haha at us! Since we had already paid the admission fee for the zoo, we took a walk around the zoo. My husband thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the animals and I took pictures of plants and cacti. So I think we both won.

  3. Desert X Art Installation. On our drive from LA to Palm Springs, we drove past one installation called “Specter” by Sterling Ruby. I quickly started doing research to find out what it was all about and we decided we needed to stop on our way back to LA. On our way to the camel rides, we passed another fun one called “Lovers’ Rainbow” by Pia Camel.  We had a lot of fun admiring these huge sculptures and taking pictures. I know this was a temporary project, but do a little research if your planning a trip - there could be a cool exhibit going on! Palm Springs is definitely the place for random art installations!

  4. Our Airbnb and Turo car. Our Airbnb was so clean, nice, spacious, cost effective, and right in the middle of downtown. Also it had a pool and our hosts were very kind and helpful as well. We also rented a fun car from Turo. It’s basically Airbnb but for cars. Chris especially had fun with this. We rented a little Audi TT for $50 day! (Renting a corolla or similar from a normal car rental company would have costed $60/day). So it was very cost-effective and convenient. We are Turo fans! 

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I would definitely love to go back and finish all that we didn’t get to do like Joshua Tree National Park, Moorten Botanical Gardens, Salvation Mountain, Palm Springs Art Museum, Aerial Tram, The Estate Sale Company.

Let me know if this interests you or helps you on your future trip one little bit!

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Self-guided door tour/What street to bike in Palm Springs

Now for the food… we like food.

  1. Cheeky’s. Our favorite restaurant was Cheeky’s - we should have known - it was on every single blog post I read and the wait was out the door. We went for breakfast and got avocado toast, blueberry pancakes and cheesy eggs. DELICIOUS. Chris said he could have eaten there two days in a row. I would have too, but the wait was about 45 min, so we passed. I would advise you to get there early!

  2. Birba. Our favorite dinner spot was Birba. Great pizza and drinks and outdoor atmosphere. 

  3. Draughtman. We actually went here twice and I somehow have no photos. It’s a great sports bar that is also trendy and has AMAZING pimento cheese dip. Google it up!

  4. Kings Highway trivia night. Kings Highway was another iconic Palm Springs location so we had to go. Located inside the Ace Hotel, the pool was too crowded to enjoy during the day so we came back on Monday night for Trivia night. It was an experience! After it was over, we played a couple game of ping pong on their patio by the pool. 

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